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Middle-Aged Tweens OF skidaway ISLAND

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MATSkidaway (Middle-Aged Tweens) is an all volunteer member-run nonprofit social organization, founded in 2017 to enrich the social lives of Landings residents. The essential requirement for MATS membership is a fun, participatory spirit and an interest in creating, organizing, hosting or helping to host or organize events. A volunteer, self-perpetuating steering group creates events and coordinates communication and membership. MATS organizers serve the group for a year or two before passing their roles onto successors.

As an informal organization of busy adults, everyone’s involvement in shared responsibility is vital.

Without MATS members giving back to the group in some form, we could not survive and grow. Whether you have ample time to give or just a few minutes here and there, we need your help. As this is a purely volunteer organization, we expect all MATS members to get involved.

Join us! Complete our online membership application today!

MATS 2022-2023 BOARD

MATS Board 2024-2025

President: Melinda Porro

Treasurer: Peg Weihsmann

Secretary: Jennifer Schmitt

Membership: Lois Lavrisa

Social: Deb Fagan

Communications: La Né Kane

Webmaster: Meri Erickson


If you would like to start up a new group, please let us know!



Middle Aged Tweens of Skidaway (MATS) is an all volunteer member-run nonprofit social organization, based at the Landings, Savannah, GA

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